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Life Coaching for Personal Fulfilment and Traumatic Change



Coaching for Change

The world is a very uncertain place right now. Let me help you find your focus and process your thoughts as you navigate the “new normal”

Coaching for Bereavement and Loss

Moving forward after a loss of any sort can be difficult. Let me help you understand your options and see your path more clearly as you come to terms with a bereavement or loss (relationship breakdown, empty nest, learning to live with a disability, moving home)

Coaching Young People to Build Confidence and Resilience

Coaching after Covid for children and young adults apprehensive about returning to school and the wider world

Stress Management

The stress of every day living can have a huge and detrimental impact on both our physical and emotional well-being. Let me help you see more clearly where to prioritise your efforts in reducing unnecessary stress

What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is about providing assistance to help individuals navigate through life with more clarity.

Life Coaching can be used to improve relationships, set realistic and achievable career goals, improve self-confidence and provide help to navigate through difficult and stressful times.

Life Coaching should help you identify your goals, set up strategies to overcome any potential stumbling blocks.

It is the coach’s role to assist you in identifying your strengths and skills and set in place a strategy that works for you to move you confidently towards your goal.

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for anybody that thinks they need it!

Here are some of the reasons why people might need a Life Coach

  • You Have a Dream – If you have a dream or a goal that really moves you, but you can’t see a clear path to achieving it.
  • Bereavement or Sudden Loss – You’ve lost a loved one or had a major change that perhaps wasn’t your choice – a relationship breakdown, a job loss, moving home, empty nest. Anything that feels like it’s been thrust upon you
  • A Career Change – Your job is becoming stifling or unfulfilling, but you lack the confidence to make a change
  • Health and Well-being – You’re feeling out of shape or you’ve had a diagnosis that could benefit from changing your lifestyle
  • You’ve Lost Your Mojo – You’re just not getting that buzz from life. You’re not getting through the day-to-day mundane stuff and you’re having trouble sticking with routines and obligations.
  • Your Life Seems Hectic – You just never seem to have enough time to get through everything. You’re always going faster but getting more and more behind
  • You’ve Stopped Having Fun – Life has become a long list of chores with no time for any rest
  • Your Self-Confidence Could Use A Boost – Everyone else seems to be so much better at life

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